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We believe that all the solutions to everyone’s problems come from within. It is our mission to help clients explore alternatives and find mental health recovery solutions that work for them. Each person’s truth is affected by the environment around them and by their own personal history. We believe that helping people understand their personal history, while still focusing on present day issues is an important aspect of mental health recovery.

The environment that we live in affects our mental and emotional health; we work to help each client manage their environmental stressors and enhance environmental strengths so they can take advantage of opportunities when they are presented.

No matter what the environmental stressors may be, no matter what their circumstances are, we believe that happiness is attainable, and we believe that we can help each client find their own personal truth that leads to long term success, peace, happiness, confidence, and recovery.

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SquareOne is a leading treatment center for adults, children and seniors struglling with depression, addiction and mental health disorders.

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